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Meet Ms. Zakiya as she opens up to us in our first 'Teacher Talk'!
It was our honour and pleasure to welcome Ms. Budour Al Ali to our school as part of the 'We Remember You' Commemoration Day Art Competition in conjunction with Ajman Tourism.

Cafeteria and
School Catering Services

Ajman Academy is very excited to announce a new partnership with Tuck Shop Cafe who will provide all our catering needs starting September 2017. Tuck Shop Cafe is an independent Dubai based catering company specialising in the provisions of healthy (fresh ingredients with low sugar, salt and fat content) and affordable catering options for schools.They have been offering high quality catering services to commercial organisations and retails outlets since 2000 and to schools since 2006.Tuck Shop Cafe is a family British run company employing over 40 staff in a number of schools in Dubai.

Tuck Shop Cafe offers a healthy, nutritious menu catering to each schools different needs including an organic range, tuck shops, small canteens with daily live barbecue stations, coffee cafés for staff, parents and 6th formers and full school canteens serving a variety of hot and cold meals plus a daily salad bar selection and pasta station. For younger students we offer the full canteen service, healthy snack packs delivered to their classes or a picnic and mix where the full class have the same so they learn to share and are encouraged to try new foods.

Please click on the links below to view the September menus:

October Menu

October Snack Menu

At Ajman Academy we believe Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds and encourage all students to have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. All meals are Halal, nutritionally balanced and are prepared locally, using locally sourced ingredients and produce wherever possible. Early Years children have their snacks and lunches sent to their classrooms whilst from Year One upwards students eat in the school cafeteria. All children are supervised by class teachers. If you require any special dietary requirements, due to food allergies, please let your teacher know in writing and this will be passed on to the catering staff, the school nurse and the Primary Principal.

A few tips for students to remember at lunchtime:

  • Make sure you have clean hands!
  • Wait quietly at your table in the Cafeteria. (Your teacher will show you where this is on your first day).
    Make sure you sit in the same seat on the same table each day please.
  • If you do not have a plate of food, you should ask the Year 6 student at your table to help get one for you.
  • You should try to eat as much as you can from your plate.
  • When you have finished, you may go to get more food, salad or bread.
  • If you are not taking salad or bread then you must stay in your seat!
  • Only Year 6 students should bring the dessert. Please ask the Year 6 on your table to bring you dessert if you would like some.
  • Everyone at your table should help to tidy the table before you leave.

Please remember that parents are always welcome to use the canteen facilities and enjoy lunch or a quick snack whilst at school. We welcome any comments and suggestions that you may have to make our service better.

General Principles

Healthy Eating

The school has a responsibility to ensure that wherever possible we provide healthy eating choices for all students. We regularly work to ensure that healthy eating is also promoted within the classroom and children understand the food choices that we give them.

Allergies and dietary restrictions

No food served at Ajman Academy should contain MSG.

It is extremely important that you officially inform the school of any allergies or of special dietary restrictions associated with your child(ren). Please fill in the details in the area on the form which requests such information. These details will be added to the school's Management Information System.


Water dispensers are located throughout the school. All students are encouraged to drink water regularly. Pupils in the Primary School (Pre-KG - Grade 5) may bring a clearly labelled bottle of water into school to keep in their classrooms and drink from during lessons.

Lunch Programme

Catering for your children in PRE-KG, KG1 & KG2

Children in Pre-KG, KG1 & KG 2 are served their morning snack in their classrooms. (Fruit is served at least twice a week.) Lunch is also served in the classroom. A menu for this lunch is posted on the School Communicator in the 'Resources' section. Parents are encouraged to read this.

Wherever possible, parents are encouraged to send their children into school having had breakfast.

Catering for your children in GRADE 1 to GRADE 12

Children eat lunch and snacks in the Cafeteria. The children are accompanied to the Cafeteria by either their class teacher or Teacher Assistant. They will remain with them for the duration of their time in the Cafeteria. There is a choice of Western, Arabic and non-meat food each day. There is also an extensive salad bar. The portions served are small to discourage waste but children may go up to the counter as many times as they wish. Water is served with lunch.

Contact Us

If you have a specific query about school catering or would like to raise any other issue, please email Rana Laghoutis at

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