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Acting Director's Message

Dr Tassos Anastasiades
Mr. Peter Ross
Acting Director

Ajman Academy recruits students with an interest and talent in a particular area, whether that be music, drama, art, sport, academic or leadership abilities. We have the resources to nurture and develop students in all these areas, and promote a culture where not only academic success is a priority but also achievement in other areas is recognised and celebrated through the IB framework and philosophy.

I believe that our students can only be truly happy, fulfilled and successful in life if they do that which they love and choose a career in line with their abilities and interests. We aim to help our students discover their passions and provide the opportunities to develop these.

A school is only as good as it’s teachers. We recruit highly qualified experienced staff and share best international standards through a unique skills share and mentoring programme led by our school leadership team.

Education does not stop at the end of the last lesson but continues through extra-curricular activities, sports, individual study, building of friendships and acquiring social and life skills. We aim to develop independence, confidence and the ability to show tolerance and understanding to all.

We believe that by living and working together with high expectations in every area our students will emulate these. We treat our students with love and respect so that they develop a strong self-worth. Couple this self-worth with a passion for learning and achievement and our students have a foundation strong enough for them to reach for the stars.

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