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Cafeteria and
School Catering Services

Ajman Academy is very excited to announce a new partnership with Chef Yasser who will provide all our catering needs starting January 2018.

With over 25 years in the industry, Chef Yasser Jnedi brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion to his role at Chef Yasser.

Having completed his creative culinary diplomas at the Superior College of French Cuisine in Paris in 1999, Chef Yasser moved back to his home country of Syria with more knowledge in his field.

Chef Yasser worked at Club D’Orient in Damascus as the Head Chef and Executive Food Manager from 2004 until 2009. He also spent 8 years at Amir Palace in Aleppo working as the Assistant Chef General from 1992 until 2000.

A strong dedication to being a good manager and instilling passion in his team, Chef Yasser decided to complete management training with London’s Institute of Leadership and Management in 2010.

With the venture to work on a brand with his name assigned to it, Chef Yasser arrived in Dubai in 2014, before becoming a Senior Member of Emirates Culinary Guild in 2015.

His mix of passion, love for what he does and his creative flair, Chef Yasser is able to design innovative menus that get every guest talking. With his most beloved recipes having been passed down from his family, Chef Yasser loves adding his knowledge in European and International cuisine to his native Arabic fare.

Please click on the link below to view the snack and lunch menus:

School Menu

A Note from Chef Yasser:

Dear Parents,

We at Chef Yasser would like to welcome you to our new home at Ajman Academy, and introduce ourselves to you.

Our founders are parents first, and chefs second. This means that we understand, appreciate, and very carefully implement the standards of healthy eating that we provide to our very own children on a daily basis.

This is achieved through a variety of factors, such as using fresh and high quality ingredients in our cooking, using no additives, and ensuring that our meals are balanced and contain the relevant quantities of each food group in order to make sure that your children, our children, are receiving their nutrition just as they would be at home.

Our communication channels are always open, please feel free to contact us through our email below or by reaching out directly to our manager on site, Mr. Basel Mardini (contact details below).

Finally, we would like to emphasize the importance of mentioning any food allergies that your children may have in the registration forms of Chef Yasser.

For Online registration:

We look forward to our journey together.

Kind regards,
The Chef Yasser Team

Manager: Basel Mardini

Email: Contact Number: +971 55 6900 451

For your Feedback, please email us on:

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