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Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) for the 2017-2018 academic year

A note from our Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) Coordinator

We at Ajman Academy believe that every child has talent and potential and is seeking the chance to shine, therefore, while designing our ECA Programme, we do our best to ensure that we select the best for them. We aim to create opportunities for every Ajman Academy student by varying the activities between academic and non-academic.

The Ajman Academy ECA programme consists of activities over 4 days. Out of this we provide two days of Ajman Academy teacher-led activities, which we refer to as internally provided activities, in which we aim to provide our students with a chance to interact with their teachers away from the classroom environment. We then use external local providers to offer our students a complete range of sporting activities.

Aim and Purpose

The aim of the ECA programme is to enrich students’ educational experience. Many of the activities on offer will support a healthy lifestyle, increasingly important to the wellbeing of the students.

At Ajman Academy we aim to give the students opportunities to:

  • Participate in a variety of well-organised and supervised activities in a safe environment;
  • Be involved in competitive activities in a friendly and sporting atmosphere;
  • Actively contribute to school life;
  • Develop and extend individual skills.

How it Works

Register for all Free and Paid ECAs throught the Engage Parent Portal here.

All our ECAs are operated on a “first come, first serve basis”. Online ECA registration will provide every student the same access to sign up for the activities.The programme is designed to accept registration of a certain number of students according to the maximum capacity of each activity. If your first choice ECA is not available, please ensure that you have an alternative activity in case you are not able to choose your first option.

We are offering a wide range of activities that will support students’ development in creative and performing arts, sport and academic areas.

In addition, students from KG2 to Grade 9 can also choose to participate in activities provided by external specialists with whom our school has partnered with to enrich the breadth and variety of our ECA programme. These activities will be held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM.

KG2 Students only: Kindly note that our KG2 students will be offered internally and externally provided activities (Swimming, Tennis and Gymnastics). Internal ECAs will only be offered to KG2 students in Term 3, which will be based on teacher recommendation on a case-by-case basis. Parents of KG2 students must supervise and arrange for student collection from their classrooms to the ECA venue on the ECA days.

All internal ECAs run by Ajman Academy staff will be held on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons from 2:45 PM – 3:30 PM. Students have the opportunity to participate in up to TWO school-provided activities per week, of which one must be a sport and the other a cultural/academic/performing arts activity. Please note that some of the activities will be conducted by outside providers and accordingly, a payment will apply.

Academic Activities: Held on Sundays.

Non Academic Activities: Held on Tuesdays.

Please contact the currently designated ECA Coordinator if you have any queries regarding our ECA programme.

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