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The student council at Ajman Academy is made up of students from each year group, but split between primary and secondary councils. Potential candidates for school council are nominated within their year group and elections are held annually.

The student council gives all students within the academy the opportunity to have their voice heard in a structured manner. Students raise issues with their year council representative, who takes comments forward for discussion within meetings.

The student councils meet regularly within both primary and secondary schools, but they also have combined bi-weekly meetings with the director. Council members are encouraged to take responsibility for investigating issues raised within meetings and are given specific action points to act upon. Additionally, the secondary council is given the responsibility of meeting without staff involvement, but to report accurately and appropriately to the director and school council coordinator.

The council has had involvement in whole school factors, such as development of the cafeteria and recommendations for uniform changes. It also works with key staff to create opportunities for raising student awareness of health and humanitarian issues, as well as whole school events and celebrations.

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