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Technology Vision

Technology is an essentially integrated and highly effective component of student learning, school operations and home-school partnerships at Ajman Academy. This is made possible by strategically planning for and continuously updating a flexible and robust infrastructure that supports connected 1-1 Apple devices across all school sections. Educationally appropriate digital tools and platforms are chosen to support a challenging and differentiated curriculum.  An effective student information system supports our virtual learning environments, communication and collaboration platform with a range of digital educational resources, production tools and specialised software.

We believe that the effective use of digital technologies and media is a seamless component of, and is driven by high-quality instructional practices that are embedded in our teaching and learning policy and our school’s guiding principles. This translates into practice through the adoption of the aspirational ISTE student technology standards that align with the IB programme frameworks and skills expectations and by teachers using the IB AID lens (agency, information design) for planning and reflection. Even though some explicit teaching of technology skills need to take place vertically and horizontally, the vast majority of digital learning is embedded and integrated through the units of study, following the design cycle when applicable, will support inquiry-constructivist approaches. We support our teachers with a differentiated and ongoing professional development programme facilitated by outsourced agencies (Apple) and internal trainers, integration enablers and IT support staff.

Ajman Academy students engage in digital learning aims that they become empowered to be partners in their own education as well as contributing members of a more significant diverse international community. Technology offers students advanced opportunities to enhance personalised learning and further develop their approaches and attitudes toward learning.

The IB learner profile is at the centre of the teaching and learning philosophy at Ajman Academy. Twenty-first-century tools are great enablers available to our young and adult learners alike to extend their learning and exemplify the IB Learner Profile attributes in new and exciting ways.

  • The ability to develop research strategies to locate relevant online information, critically evaluate the accuracy and relevance of information, synthesise to build new knowledge with meaningful connections and associations to concepts as well as to reflect on the whole cyclical process extend and support the INQUIRER and KNOWLEDGEABLE learner attributes.


  • Through online digital environments, learners can interact with diverse cultures and explore real-time and real-world events and challenges globally and locally. This enhances their ability to be creative and critical THINKERS, problem solvers, as well being OPEN-MINDED in appreciating diverse and multiple viewpoints.


  • Through age-appropriate project-based work, it expects that learners become highly PRINCIPLED in adhering to academic honesty and acceptable use policies and guidelines. Learners also develop BALANCED and safe digital habits through a Digital Citizenship awareness programme.


  • Online access to a wider community of peers, collaborators and audience provide valuable opportunities to develop effective COMMUNICATION skills as well as CARING attitudes towards oneself and others.


  • Technology tools provide opportunities for learners to be RISK TAKERS through experimenting, testing and designing in engaging ways. This also helps in developing high agency where students REFLECT and feel empowered by the knowledge of understanding how they learn best, how best they can demonstrate their understanding and how they can grow as learners.



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