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House System

The Ajman Academy ‘House System’ encourages and fosters teamwork, participation and sportsmanship in all areas of school life. The sense of community within each of the houses encourages a feeling of identity and belonging. The House System clearly reinforces the ethos and spirit of the school, ‘ To develop inquiring, reflective and active learners effectively’ and underpins the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

The Houses at Ajman Academy are White Leopards, Red Scorpions, Black Wolves and the Green Falcons. These are all native species of animals in the United Arab Emirates. The colours chosen to represent the School House Teams are also the colours of the Emirati National flag. 

Once our students and staff enter the school, they will be assigned to a House. Family members will be in the same House group. Membership of the House enhances the student’s sense of identity and belonging and creates a spirit of friendly competition, collaboration and cooperation. This friendly rivalry is given ample opportunity to manifest itself in a wide range of inter-house events.

Only a few students may represent the school in a team, but every single student represents their House, whether it is in academic, sporting or cultural activities.  

Students in the Primary School, from Pre-KG through to Grade 5, compete in events and activities against their peers at their age level.  Secondary School House events will include those in Grade 6 through to Grade 12.

The House system makes students feel part of a team. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of pride in their House, working not just for themselves, but for others. Charity fund-raising activities are also organised on a House as well as a school basis, further fostering the concept of a caring community, which is central to the aims of Ajman Academy.

Many students coming through our school will experience a deal of change in their lives as they grow up. Their parents will move from country to country, and they will have to make new friends adapt to different cultures and school systems. We have a responsibility to ensure that these children are welcomed into the community, that we know them well and that they have a continuity of experience even in the short time that they are with us. The House system also provides an ideal platform for students to develop their leadership skills. There will be a male and a female House Captain for each House, at Grade 5 level and Grade 12 level. They will work closely with Staff House Leaders and the House Master.

Allocation of House Points

Students can earn House Points for a range of contributions to school and House life. In the Primary school, points will be allocated to students during the school day by way of tokens, which are then put into House containers in the Reception Area. For the Secondary students a computer-based system, ePraise, will shortly be in place which works on the same principle as the tokens, but electronically. A cup is awarded to the winning House at the end of each term. At the end of the year, the House with the most House Points is awarded the Ajman Academy House Trophy. 

Points can be given for any of the following:

  • High standard of work
  • Sustained effort (including homework)
  • Punctuality and Attendance
  • Consistent improvement  
  • General helpfulness 
  • Consistent good behaviour
  • Representative of the IB Learner Profile  (traits and attitudes) 

Ajman Academy

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