Staff Directory

  • Samantha Bhogal

    Grade 3 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Samantha was born in the UK. She grew up in the village of Highley in Shropshire with her Mum, Dad, identical twin sister and younger sister. At the age of 27, she moved to Wolverhampton with her husband and started a family. She is married with three young children. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, as well as swimming and loves to shop! Travel is also something which she enjoys, especially as she gets to learn about new cultures.
    After attending high school, she went to study at Bangor University in North Wales, where she completed her Bachelor of Education in 2004. Her specialist subjects are Science and Religious Education, additionally specialising in Key Stage 2. Since graduating, she has taught at schools in Wolverhampton, with a high percentage of EAL children. Teaching predominately in Key Stage 2, Samantha also relished the challenge when working in a Year 2 class. She has held several management positions while teaching, including; Science co-ordinator, Inclusion manager (SEND, Gifted and Talented and EAL co-ordinator) and Key Stage 1 coordinator. Furthermore, she enjoyed the opportunity to mentor student teachers and NQT’s.
    Samantha is extremely passionate about teaching and feels very privileged to teach and inspire young children to achieve their full potential. She believes that education needs to be relevant and fun so that children have real-life experiences to ensure that they are engaged. Children should be given the opportunity to develop key skills so that they become independent and reflective learners.
  • Sara-Jayne Canning

    Grade 3 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Sara-Jayne Canning is an experienced teacher that has worked in the Middle East on and off for over ten years — educated in the UK with a degree in Teaching from Nottingham University. She believes in education being about the individual student, and that humor helps student learning. She is accompanied by her husband Mr. Daniel Canning who works in the Secondary School at Ajman Academy. Since being in the UAE, Miss SJ has also adopted two rescue dogs.
  • Basil Curlewis

    Grade 3 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Basil is an experienced teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience including ten years of environmental education, three years as a school teacher in South Africa and 12 years overseas. He is presently teaching Grade 3 and has taught many different grades at Ajman Academy since it’s opening as a class teacher and also taught Science and Environmental Management. He collaborates well with multicultural staff. A personal passion for the environment was his inspiration to share his enthusiasm as an environmental educator, which fuelled his desire to be an educator. He provided both formal and informal environmental education to students, adults and children as an employee of the Department of Wildlife. He wrote a weekly article for the local newspaper about events taking place in nature, under the heading ‘Walk with me in the veldt’. He has continuously developed his career by attaining further qualifications throughout his life and achieving top grades for the PGCE, Cum Laude. He completed a thesis to attain a PhD in Zoology. Basil is happily married to Joe-Ann. He is affable, approachable and a fair-minded person. Basil is a passionate, enthusiastic teacher, who enjoys teaching because the joy of a child's success is most rewarding.
  • Leanne Buali

    Grade 3 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Secondary Title: Grade Leader
    Leanne was born and raised in Canada. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor Degree in Education. She has worked in Canada, The Bahamas and the UAE. She has been in the UAE since 2004 and has worked at Wesgreen International and Sharjah English School, both in Sharjah. Her 25-year teaching experience has rewarded her the opportunity to teach Kindergarten through Grade 3 as well as being a Grade Coordinator at several schools and most recently Head of KG2 at Wesgreen International School. She is married and has one son.

    Leanne’s emphasis in teaching is to provide a safe and positive environment for students in which they develop the skills and concepts they need to become responsible, contributing, community-minded citizens. She wants the children to experience academic and personal growth during the school year. Her students are encouraged to respect, value, and share their own and each other's unique gifts.
  • Christian Ravena

    Grade 3 Teaching Assistant

    Departments: Primary School
  • David Betteridge

    Grade 4 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Dave is English and was brought up in the county of Shropshire. He was awarded the Bachelor of Education degree from Birmingham University. Dave has spent many years working abroad. He has been a football coach in America and as a teacher in England, Kuwait (10 years) and the United Arab Emirates.
    Dave has been teaching for almost 30 years in primary schools. He has held numerous curriculum positions of responsibility and has previously been a Key Stage coordinator. David is now in his fifth year at Ajman Academy and is teaching grade 4.
    Dave believes in creating a caring and child-centred environment within the structure of the classroom. Children are given the freedom to express their ideas and are encouraged to be open-minded, when addressing other cultures and beliefs systems. They are given opportunities to be risk takers and are awarded for a positive approach to their studies.
  • Heidi Groesche

    Grade 4 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Secondary Title: Grade Leader
    Heidi was born and raised in Germany. She graduated from the University of Oldenburg with a Bachelor Degree in Education and made her Masters in Science, German and English as a second language. She has worked in Germany and the UAE for over 11 years. She has been in the UAE since 2012 and has worked at the Indian University in Ras Al Khaimah and joined Ajman academy in 2017 and works currently as the grade 4 leader.
    Heidi’s emphasis in teaching is to provide a safe learning atmosphere for students. She wants the children in her grade to experience academic and personal growth during the school year that they are encouraged to develop the best skills to be contributing, respectful and happy members of their community and wherever they end up in the world!
    Heidi lives with her three children in Ras al Khaimah and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking in the mountains at weekends.
  • May Campbell

    Grade 4 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
  • Sandra Brock

    Grade 4 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Sandra is from Australia
    Her qualifications: Diploma Teaching(Primary); Bachelor Education; Post Graduate Certificate TESOL; Master of Education (Special Education)q
    In Australia, she taught in country schools in Victoria, suburban schools in Melbourne and Brisbane. In overseas postings, she has held classroom teaching positions and Learning Support positions in Hong Kong, Thailand and now in the UAE.
  • Benjamin Farrelly

    Grade 5 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Benjamin is originally from the UK but has spent most of his career teaching abroad, in countries such as Austria, Malaysia and Kazakhstan. He lives in Ras al Khaimah with his wife and children and has worked in the UAE since 2016.
    Benjamin obtained his BA at Oxford University where he read Modern Languages and Linguistics. He then went on to study Primary Education, obtaining his PGCE at Buckingham University. Benjamin has taught in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as a Primary Class Teacher, has been Head of Years 5 and 6 and has been Literacy Coordinator in two schools. He has offered after-school activities in languages such as French and German and has run Primary and Secondary choirs, resulting in choir tours to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well as London, England. He has also run both Primary and Secondary Drama productions and musicals in several schools.
    Benjamin attended the prestigious Chetham's School of Music and there developed a passion for music and languages. He has performed as a soloist singer in many concerts in venues around the world and has learnt several languages including German, French and Russian.
    Benjamin has a passion for learning and wishes to pass on this quality to the children in his care. He believes in child-centred, inquiry-based learning, whereby every child is given the opportunity to reach their true potential. He believes that learning should be the core of all of our experiences within the school environment and that children should enjoy every aspect of their learning journey.
  • Emma Philips

    Grade 5 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Secondary Title: Assessment Coordinator
    Other Titles: Child Protection Officer
    Emma is the Assessment Coordinator and Child Protection Officer for the Primary School and is a Grade 5 Girls’ Homeroom Teacher. Emma is British but was born in Rome, Italy. She has lived in the UK, Italy, Germany and the UAE. Emma lives in Ras al Khaimah with her family and has worked in the UAE since 2010. She worked for two years at The International School of Choueifat where she taught from KG1 to Grade 2. In 2012 Emma started working at RAK Academy British School teaching Year 4 and began teaching at Ajman Academy in 2017.
    Emma earned her BA (Hons) in Psychology and Sociology at Sheffield Hallam University in 2004 and worked on several HR projects before she became a teacher. She started her teaching career while studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology where she ran a Language for Learning Project at an inner city school in Sheffield that was in ‘special measures’. At the start of the second year of her employment at this school, they opened the Sixth Form, and she was asked to help set up a Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care department. During Emma’s 3rd year at this school, she was funded to complete the GTP (PGCE equivalent) and then did her NQT year, teaching Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care GCSEs, AS, A2 and BTEC Level 2 and 3. However, for the last nine years, Emma has been teaching the British Primary Curriculum in the UAE.
    Emma is extremely passionate about education and seeks to provide a learning environment where the children are independent and excited about learning, encouraging them to build on existing skills and develop new ones. Emma also believes in the importance of children being reflective and taking ownership of their learning.
  • Nadine Quirk

    Grade 5 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Secondary Title: Grade Leader
    Nadine was born and raised in East London, South Africa. She is passionate about travelling, meeting new people and engaging with new cultures. Nadine graduated from university with a Bachelor Degree of Education with a specialisation in Primary Phase. She has previously taught in Namibia and Taiwan and has been a teacher in the UAE at Ajman Academy since 2017. Nadine has experience teaching across a variety of grades and subjects, ranging from Grade 3 through to Grade 7. She also has experience with added responsibility within administration, leadership and on the sport’s field. Currently, Nadine is the Grade 5 Level Leader.
    Nadine is zealous about education and intends to continue developing her knowledge by furthering her studies in the future. Diversity, creative thinking, individuality and inclusivity are important aspects to her within the classroom environment. She hopes to motivate and inspire her students to achieve their best and to exceed their potential. She aims to always be a role model to her students to foster the necessary skills and knowledge needed to ensure their optimum development both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Kerry-Lee Schroeter

    Grade 5 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Kerry-Lee was born and raised in South Africa, where she graduated from the University Of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape with a Bachelors Of Education Primary and a specialisation in Foundation Phase. Kerry-lee has worked in the UAE since 2016 where she has been a teacher at Ajman Academy in grades 3 and 5. Kerry-Lee is currently the Coordinator of the IT integration program for the Primary Department
    Kerry-Lee is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist and works closely with Apple Education UAE in training Educators across the country and supporting technology innovation in schools. Kerry-lee has completed the INCYTE international program in mentoring of teacher's alongside TEMSC.

    Kerry-Lee is an enthusiastic Teacher who is passionate about creating an ethos for her students that supports and encourages creativity, international mindfulness and success. Kerry-Lee enjoys engaging with her students and inspiring them to become critical thinkers. She aims to influence her students in their academics and allow them to become motivated to reach their full potential. Kerry-Lee believes in creating a learning environment that has a positive and safe ethos. Kerry-Lee believes that students strive when they become part of the learning, and teaching process, providing them real-life experiences and enabling them to discover their passion and talents.
  • Gregory McCullough

    Grade 6 Leader

    Departments: Secondary School, Maths
    Secondary Title: Mathematics Teacher
  • Karima Chaouch

    Head of Arabic - Primary School

    Departments: Primary School, Arabic
    Secondary Title: Arabic Teacher
  • Ben Barry

    Head of Mathematics

    Departments: Secondary School, Maths
    Secondary Title: Mathematics Teacher
    Ben has moved to the UAE from the United Kingdom with his family. He has a wife who is also a teacher of Mathematics at AJAC and a 3-year-old daughter.
    After graduating with a BSc IT/Mathematics from Liverpool Hope University, Ben continued with his studies and gained a PGDip in IT. He then moved towards his true passion and earned a PGCE in Mathematics (Secondary) at Chester University.
    Ben has taught Mathematics throughout his career alongside ICT and ECDL. He has also been a Head of Mathematics, Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal. Ben enjoys being in the classroom the most and wants to engage students towards Mathematics.
    His overall goal is to make students enjoy and recognise the value of Mathematics. Ben believes every student should be numerical and be able to use Mathematics within their daily lives."
  • Hayden Wallis

    Head of Physical Education

    Departments: Secondary School, PE
    Secondary Title: Science Teacher
    Hayden Wallis is the Head of Physical Education and a Science teacher at Ajman Academy. He is in his second year at the school, alongside his partner Fiona. Hayden is originally from Australia, and he studied a Bachelor of Teaching in PE and Science. His previous school is Billanook College in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He is passionate about Sport and Physical Education and is a hardworking and motivated individual who seeks to provide all students with an opportunity to succeed.
  • Remi Ojenikoh

    Head of Secondary Science Department

    Departments: Secondary School
    Secondary Title: Chemistry Teacher
    Remi was born and raised in the city of London in the UK. She is married with two beautiful daughters. She enjoys singing, spoken word poetry and listening to gospel music.
    A keen passion for life and terrestrial explanations of it, lead Remi to study and graduate with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences with Honours from the University of Kent in Canterbury, where she also developed her leadership skills as president of a university performing arts society, CPAS.
    Her love for Science and sharing that love with the younger generations, promoted her to embark upon a teaching career and obtain a PGCE with a specialism in Biology from the University of East London in 2011. Since then she has taught/led Science in Years 7-13, in two east London schools, and at Ajman Academy working with other passionate teachers and students from all walks of life and is enriched because of it.
    Remi's philosophy continues to be - 'getting stuck is the beginning of learning, not the end'. She wishes for all her students to be confident in the face of a challenge and apply that confidence throughout their lives.
  • Burak Bilgutay

    Head Swim Coach

    Departments: Primary School, Secondary School, PE
    Burak was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1971. His swimming life started in 1977 at the club where his grandfather and mother had also swum. During 1980s Burak was selected to represent the Turkish National team and went on to break two national records! He then received a full swimming scholarship to the USA. He graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor Degrees in Finance and International Business. After completing his professional swimming life in 1994, Burak has also involved more than 20 years in Turkish and Georgian Swimming Federations in various coaching positions and as a Director of Swimming.
    Burak is currently married to Tuba and has two sons, Emre and Noyan Bilgutay, who are also swimming for Turkish National team. Noyan and Emre study in Ajman Academy and successfully represent the school in many national and international swimming competitions.
    Burak’s primary objective is to generate high-level competitive swimmers within the region and to accomplish that; he developed a very successful interrelated program between school curricular swim, after-school swim and school swim team.
  • Sumesh Babu Manohar

    HR Assistant

    Departments: Administration
  • Suzan Maki

    Human Resources Manager

    Departments: Leadership, Administration
  • Asma Sobhi AlTayasinah

    ICT Leader

    Departments: Secondary School, ICT, Ajman Digital Champions
    Secondary Title: A.I Project Manager
    Asma is from Syria and has been living in the UAE for over 20 years. Asma has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and a Post Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering through The University of Heriot-Watt in the UK. Asma taught in IGCSE schools in Dubai for seven years and then moved to an IB school in Dubai for another four years. During her experience, she progressed to being an ICT and Computer Science Teacher and technology integration specialist in her previous school.

    Asma has been in Ajman Academy for one year and introduced an artificial intelligence and robotics program during this time.
    Ajman Academy is the first school in the UAE to participate in this program bringing Electronics, Robotics, Renewable Energy and A.I.
    Asma aims to create a fun and safe learning environment for her students who will be active, engaged and become independent learners. Asma believes students learn best through real-life experiences and being involved in their learning as well as working in different areas using their device (Laptop or iPad) inside the classroom.
  • Johan Groenewald

    Individual & Societies Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School
    I am Johan Groenewald and I come from South Africa. I am married to Sulene Groenewald. We moved to the UAE in April 2018. I have a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of South Africa. I graduated in 2016. My first teaching position was at Struisbaai Primary School in the most Southern town of Africa, Struisbaai. I then moved to Garden Route Primary school in Mossel Bay before I came to the UAE. During my short time at Ajman Academy, I’ve learned many new things including teaching MYP and using Apple products for the first time. I am a hard working and committed person and wish to motivate my learners to always try their best in everything they take on. I try my best to motivate my learners to enjoy their school experience and encourage active participation in class.
  • Rania Shibane

    Islamic Teacher

    Departments: Islamic
    Rania Shibane is an Islamic teacher; she was born and raised in Damascus, graduated from Damascus University and had a PGDE from Ajman University. She has worked in Syria as a homeroom teacher and in the UAE as an Islamic teacher since 2011.
    She has attended many PYP workshops, and she is a certified Apple Teacher.
    She believes that educating is about setting a good example and that this method is more effective in students than any anything else. Her role in life is to build a generation proud of his Islamic moral values and openminded to other cultures.
  • Samia Nimmer

    Islamic Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, Islamic
    Samia was born and raised in Jordan. She graduated from the University of Jordan with a Bachelors Degree in Islamic Education, and recently finished her higher diploma in teaching from Ajman University.
    Samia is a bilingual teacher who, through her experience, taught Islamic for both Arabs and non-Arabs for primary and secondary. She has 11 years of experience with the IB curriculum.
    She has been in the UAE since she graduated and has worked in international schools in Dubai, such as Dubai International School and the IB World School, Greenfield Community School, where she gained her first IB experience, and taught Arabic and Islamic for non-Arabs. Samia loves working with students, supporting them academically and encouraging them socially.
    She believes that with enough encouragement and support , students will rise to what is expected of them and eventually exceed in challenges that we set for them.
  • Bakr Al Ahmad

    Islamic Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, Islamic
    Bakr was born in Syria and has a Bachelor in Islamic Education from Damascus University.
    With twelve years experience in Syria and the United Arab Emirates, he has attended many different training sessions and workshops, which have taught, teaching morals and teacher development as well as how to teach children with learning difficulties. Bakr has also attended training on how to improve a student’s recital of the Qur'an (Tajweed) as the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him, recited.
    Bakr has the skills to deal with different age groups. He can discover the strengths of the student and encourages that student to build upon those strengths.
  • Wael Abdulkhalek Sawan

    Islamic Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, Islamic
  • Ahmad Al Hmidi

    Islamic Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, Islamic
  • Fajer Al Hussini

    IT Coordinator

    Departments: Administration
  • Ahmed Haja

    IT Support

    Departments: Administration
    Ahamed Haja is from India, He is married with no children His native language is Tamil and he knows English, Hindi and Tamil. He is also learning Arabic.
    Ahamed Haja has a degree in Computer Application and he is MCSE certified by Microsoft.
    He has more than 6 years of experience in the IT field in the various company of the UAE. He was an ICT Administrator earlier and has worked as an ICT Technical Head for 2 years.
    Ahamed Haja is Like to work in an educational organization and is keen to learn how the latest technology can be used to educate today's students. He is interested in learning new IT technology and listening to music.

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